I wish to create works of art that are organic, instinctual, and thought provoking. My main goal is to present the viewer with stark images that stimulate an emotional response.

Much of my work relates to illness and trauma, and their effects on the body and mind as they try to adapt or resist transformation.

In different moments of my life I was confronted with disabling physical conditions that inform who I am now and my art production. One of these conditions affected my hearing- the other my vision.  Due to these disabilities I grew up isolated, spending most of my time in my mother’s dance studio in Argentina, where I had significant exposures to her choreography and images of silent moving bodies. These life experiences were the first influences in my work – rendering the body as one of the main subjects.

My family moved to the USA following the collapse of the Argentine economy. This exposure to various cultures and politics has led me to think critically about topics related to cultural appropriation, immigration, and political ideologies. My work and ideology are heavily influenced by the political crisis that occurred in Argentina, especially the military dictatorship (1976-1983), during which 30,000 civilians were kidnapped, tortured, and disappeared. This dark chapter of Argentina’s past serves as a main inspiration for “Memorias Persistentes (Persistent Memories)”, a series of portraits of individuals who disappeared during the dictatorship.

Life trauma, both physical and psychological, is now a crucial driving force in my work.  I want my work to articulate the psychological elements that lie below the physical in a way that I simply cannot communicate through words.