Memorias Persistentes

Memorias Persistentes (Persistent Memories) is an exhibition that focuses on what the military dictatorship could never take away. For this exhibition, I researched the stories of many Desaparecidos by interviewing their relatives, their loved ones, watching documentaries, and reading published sources about their stories. The research component was a crucial part of the development of this exhibition. I found much inspiration in the work of the Madres and the Abuelas. They persist in their search for truth while understanding that their loved ones are still present in their own memories.
When people hear that 30,000 people were disappeared during Argentina’s military dictatorship, it is easy to look at the statistic as opposed to the feeling. Each of those 30,000 disappearances inflicted real pain on the missing people and their loved ones. By telling individual stories, we can see a glimpse of their lives, their stories, which allows us to feel sympathy.
While the ‘Dirty War’ occurred more than 30 years ago, it is crucial to understand that history repeats itself: systemic violence continues to occur in many parts of the world. It is easy to view tragedies as simply numbers, or dismiss their importance because they do not affect us directly. With my work, I hope to instigate an awareness of how political decisions affect real people. I believe that if everyone carried this intention with them throughout their day, there would be less suffering.


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